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    Plicell curtains create enviroments in your home,
    balcony or your winter garden with the ability
    to control day light and superior advantages.
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    One of the options of 200 designs and models of Plicell will surely fascinate you
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Plicell, Curtain of Your Life...

Plicell special curtain systems, high quality patented accessories supported functional use, local production fabrics in your home with easy setup and features, your office and your glass balcony has brought a revolutionary innovation.

While creating a calm and relaxing environment for a sunny day with innovative styles, gives you complete control over your privacy and light levels.

Plicell curtains create a lively atmosphere while maintaining your view of your balcony, your home, or even your office.

Plicell, offers a practical and attractive combination of aesthetics with its unique structure, versatility, and daylight control with a variety of decorative options.
Plicell curtains provide an ideal environment for natural light and gives personality to your living space.